Happy August!

I say it each year, but really, where has the summer gone?

Evan and I walking into the field at dusk. We wanted sunset photos, and that is what we got!

Evan and I walking into the field at dusk. We wanted sunset photos, and that is what we got!

Timing. One of the many important things on your wedding day. From what time to schedule hair appointments, to what time the florist can arrive. Timing is everything. One late vendor can throw it all off. So how can you be most prepared? Have a coordinator, of course.

This past weekend we were a part of a stunning wedding at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown. Not only was it beautiful, but it was a ton of fun to work with vendors that we haven't yet had the chance to. Now Melissa and Jesse's timing was a little difficult. From a shuttle at a hotel about a half hour away, that could run into traffic, an accident, construction, etc to scheduling pick ups of rentals during cocktail hour so that no guests would notice. Details that as the bride and groom you should be aware of, but should not be concerned about as your wedding planner takes care of it.

So what happened? The shuttle didn't run into any traffic, construction, an accident --nothing. And it arrives 10 minutes prior to the ceremony. Most guests are seated as stragglers who drove are welcomed with a bottle of water and a program. I run in to the bridal party room as they anxiously await, and I mention, most guests are here, but it's only 4:25pm! Starting early just isn't option. So we waited, drinks were chugged, the bridal party lined up, and I was able to radio to my husband to cue the musicians at 4:30 on the minute.

I'm making a big deal of this, because that never happens. We always plan for an extra five minutes here and there, but the ceremony (unless the couple notes they want to start on the dot) we give at least a few minutes as latecomers arrive and get settled. Instead of having to make up time in the schedule, we had given just the right amount time, as the rest of the night went off without an issue.

Sure you can get a timeline off Pinterest and have your Aunt run through it on the wedding day. But your aunt won't know how long a bridal procession will take, or a receiving line, or how fast someone can load out chairs. Your aunt also won't be able to fully enjoy her evening celebrating you as she will be too concerned as things run later than they should've and before you know it the night is all over the place.

There you have it friends. Just another reason you need to hire a professional coordinator. Someone to ensure that the timing will be perfect. Remember to take a break this week and enjoy summer. Before you know it Fall will be just around the corner!

Candice Mock
Wedding Coordinator