Venue Coordinators VS Wedding Planners

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I wanted to address something that I am hearing more and more of, especially in the Northeast Pennsylvania area. "I have a venue coordinator, so I don't need a planner," or "My venue provides a day of planner, therefore I don't think I need your services."

What venues are not explaining to you, as you are dropping off your first deposit is what their venue coordinator does, and what the large difference is between a venue coordinator, and a wedding planner. To quote another planner that I found while researching this topic:

The main difference lies in this: A venue coordinator works for the needs of the venue, acting out the requirements of your contract in a smooth and timely manner. A wedding planner works for you, ensuring every detail of your day is flawless and orchestrated exactly as you’ve planned.
— Kailey Michelle, The Difference
Emily and Candice

Emily and Candice

As a wedding planner, I want to be very relational, and with you from the start. This truly means as a bride, you are able to call at any time (especially to vent, where then I calm you down, and remind you it's going to be just fine). I work together with couples, creating budgets, sharing ideas, selecting vendors, and overall just anything you'd like me to do.

A venue coordinator's first commitment truly is to the venue. To be honest, I don't think that's a bad thing, and in fact in my experience, I love working together with venue coordinators. But that's just what it is, working together. To have an effective, flawless wedding day, I don't think as a couple you should feel secure in having a venue coordinator alone. Two weeks before the wedding, who are you going to call when you are trying to remember if you've bought everything you need for the big day?

Final thoughts: before you decide you are all set with a venue coordinator, ask what they will be doing for you. If you don't leave with the peace of mind, knowing that you will be as stress free as physically possible on your wedding day (and throughout your engagement), give us a call. We will walk through the steps with you to create the most fantastic day ever.*

*In fact, if your venue offers a coordinator, give us a call and we will give you a special discount on our services.

Candice Mock